3D Visualization and Rendering with TwinMotion


Architectural visualization helps architects and designers work collaboratively and communicate ideas more efficiently. It is a modern way of creating three-dimensional model visual presentation of a structure like a building using computer software. It is made for clients to walk around, explore a 3D model, and view it from any angle as realistic as built.

This course, regardless of your industry background, will share concepts of Architectural 3D Visualization from a beginner to expert level. It is suitable for architects, urban planners, visualization artists, real estate professionals, Architecture students, interior designers, landscape designers and Design consultants.

Twinmotion is the fastest and easiest real time visualization tool to create 3D architectural visualizations built by the famous game development company called unreal engine. Twinmotion combines the ease of use, speed and realistic quality for architectural 3D visualization and virtual reality. 

Who is this course for?

To be able to succeed in this course, regardless of your industry, you must be proficient in computer use. To join this course, you must be or be related to:

  • Architects
  • Graduating students in Architecture
  • Civil engineers with a practical background in architectural design
  • 3D visualization and rendering professionals

If you do not fall into one of the above categories, Nziza Global will not be responsible for your learning experience.

What will you learn
  • Take your architectural project from usual 3d model to VR walkthrough quickly and easily

  • Creation of realistic walkthrough animation of an architectural model and place it on island using Twinmotion

  • Video editing, adding sounds and text writing with adobe premiere

  • Adding Filters and color grading In Red Giant Looks.


  • 55 Lessons
  • 04:43:37 Hours

  • Lecture100:19:24
  • Introduction to movement and interface
  • Program Settings
  • Library of materials and assets
  • Scenograf
  • Bottom Bar
  • Lecture200:22:20
  • Import options
  • Applying textures
  • Material properties
  • Setting scale of the model and adding to library
  • Importing house model and applying textures
  • Lecture300:34:40
  • Building context with other buildings
  • Setting Landscape
  • Sculping and Painting Terrain
  • Putting Skydome and adjusting terrain to it
  • Setting Ocean
  • Lecture400:20:55
  • How vegetation works in TM
  • Vegetation Painting
  • Vegetation Scatter
  • Detail Vegetation Painting
  • Lecture500:27:05
  • Vehicle Path
  • Character Path
  • Bicycle Path
  • Setting up road details
  • Customization of Path
  • Lecture600:35:00
  • Introduction to interior concept, cleaning unwanted geometry
  • Adding Objects to scene
  • Creating Green Wall
  • Setting materials in interior
  • Lecture700:19:53
  • Setting Skydome texture
  • Setting beach video texture
  • Setting Reflection probes to get realistic reflections in windows
  • Lecture800:22:07
  • Optimizing the model
  • Starting Video -short talk about how to set up composition of frames
  • Video and Lighting Settings
  • Lecture900:27:57
  • Setting exterior and interior Part
  • Exterior Ending and Exporting Scene
  • Lecture1000:29:23
  • Importing rendered clips
  • Adding titles
  • Adding Transitions
  • Splitting 2 clips on 1 screen
  • Adding Music
  • Lecture1100:24:53
  • Introduction to interface
  • Adding Filters and colorgrading
  • Results Finalization stage


About lecturer


Jamal Farooqi is a registered civil engineer in the Pakistan engineering council and he holds a master's degree in construction management.

Owning over 7 years of experience as a planning engineer in different projects across the United Kingdom, the United States, Pakistan, and Australia. He has worked for various multinational construction firms, holding positions ranging from site engineer to senior planning engineer. 

Among the flagship projects he worked on as a planning and scheduling engineer include the Khamas Base Nuclear plant in Saudia Arabia, Construction of Akhuwat University Mustafabad in Pakistan and Nissau Village Community Centre in Bahamas.


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