Design of Steel Structures with Protasteel


To participate in this professional course, you must have a solid practical understanding of Protastructure, the software we will use for structural modeling. Participants in this program will learn how to model any problem, assign correct design parameters, and identify the ideal steel section sizes using Protastructure and the world's most famous structural design tools.

Steel structures are commonly employed in modern buildings because of their strength, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Steel structure design, on the other hand, necessitates a thorough understanding of complicated engineering principles as well as adherence to severe design requirements. We will look at how ProtaSteel software may dramatically improve your design capabilities, allowing you to develop optimized and structurally sound steel structures.

The training will also provide participants with in-depth knowledge of how to create automatic steel connections on structural members loaded into Protasteel. Stop battling and instead invest in high-performance structural software that automates your engineering tasks, from steel structural modeling to construction or fabrication document creation.

This comprehensive training program is intended for both experienced engineers and recent civil/structural engineering graduates who want to improve their skills and competence in steel structure design. By the end of this course, you will have gained the knowledge and practical experience required to properly use ProtaSteel software and design efficient and reliable steel structures. It is ready to refer to the entire step-by-step process and procedures involved in constructing a steel warehouse and two-story residential projects.

This course is accredited by Turkish Protasoftware, which implies that all trainees who enroll and successfully complete it will receive a Prota certificate as professional steel structural engineers. What exactly are you waiting for? Join the world's leading construction skills of the twenty-first century.

Who is this course for?

To be able to succeed in this course, regardless of your industry, you must be proficient in computer use. To join this course, you must be or be related to:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Finalizing students in civil engineering
  • Finalizing students in structural engineering

If you do not fall into one of the above categories, Nziza Global will not be responsible for your learning experience.

What will you learn
  • Steel structural designs that are accurate, coordinated, and connected to BIM, modeled in Protastructure and designed using Protasteel.

  • Defining and verifying the analysis model for any steel structure with applied loads, running multiple analysis types on the structure.

  • Optimizing steel members in the compliance with code of practice and results interpretation.

  • Complete steel structural frame modeling and analysis, connections design, and automatic production of construction and or fabrication drawings.

  • How to handle steel design of residential house and warehouse projects from scratch


  • 26 Lessons
  • 07:25:24 Hours

  • Launching ProtaSteel 202200:05:45
  • Understanding the Software User Interface00:18:57
  • Introduction to Macros - Automatic connection design tools00:19:54
  • Setting up views00:14:20
  • Modelling a steel warehouse in ProtaStructure00:28:42
  • Modelling a steel warehouse in ProtaStructure_B00:14:45
  • Analyzing and designing a Steel Warehouse in ProtaStructure00:17:03
  • Exporting Model to ProtaSteel00:05:32
  • Adjusting member orientation00:11:50
  • Adding Sag Rods and Steel Plates in ProtaSteel00:14:49
  • Modelling Stringers and Steel Stairways00:18:48
  • Modelling Hand Railings in ProtaSteel00:16:12
  • Preserving constructive changes during re-import00:14:15
  • Implementing Connection Design00:19:18
  • Introduction to Intelliconnect for rapid Connection design workflow00:10:24
  • Creating Connection Design Reports00:17:45
  • Modelling a G+1 Steel Building in Protastructure 00:39:22
  • Analyzing and designing Steel members in ProtaStructure00:26:38
  • Using Intelliconnect for more connection designs00:11:17
  • Setting up the Detail Item Manager00:25:48
  • Creating Engineering Drawings_Part 100:25:21
  • Creating Engineering Drawings_Part 200:29:11
  • Setting Up Your Drawing for Printing00:12:49
  • Creating Assembly Drawings00:11:53
  • Material TakeOff in ProtaSteel00:06:55
  • Collaborating with Autodesk Revit & / AutoCAD00:07:51


About lecturer


Kehinde holds a master's degree in structural engineering, began his career as a civil engineer in 2011, and is currently working as a Civil & Structural Engineering Projects Advisor at the British multinational professional services company, ARUP. 

He is a Protasofwtare certified premium partner in Nigeria, proving him to be an expert on the program. This and his engineering background make him a top-notch you can rely on for structural design and analysis.

Among his world-class credentials are Project Management Professional (PMP) and BIM & Blockchain Certified Expert. ARUP Nigeria - Merit award for excellence in engineering practice awarded by ARUP in Nigeria, and Multiple Merit Awards (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) provided by Engineering Societies including NSE, NICE, and YEFON. 

He is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers, the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), and the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers. (NICE).


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NSENGIYUMVA Bertin - Tue, 06-Feb-2024

The lessons were easy to follow, The platform's interface was intuitive, making the learning process smooth. The course significantly improved my skills, and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to enhance their design abilities.

Gorki CHARITE - Tue, 06-Feb-2024

The Protasteel course is carefully planned, with the main element being the incomparable live technical support provided by Nziza Global Platform. I strongly suggest this course to anyone looking for the best steel design training available.

HAKIZIMANA Patrick - Tue, 06-Feb-2024

I want to express my gratitude for the effort and dedication you put into creating this course. It has truly expanded my knowledge and skills in Steel Structural design, and I feel more confident applying what I've learned in my personal and professional life( Also I thanks Charite for the support provided when it was necessary). However, I did notice that in some sections, the pace of the course felt a bit rushed, particularly when covering more complex topics It would have been helpful to have more opportunities for support to reinforce my understanding of these concepts especial during final project period.