Digital Construction Costing with Planswift


Do quantity takeoffs and construction project cost estimation consume your time? While it should be generating revenue for you? Are you estimating more work to get the same amount of work?  Do you need to be more efficient and faster in your quantity surveying tasks? Worry no more, this technology course is here to save you.

Planswift we train is intended to increase accuracy, save time, and profit in your construction projects. Start to generate quantity takeoffs in digital ways to win more work with competitive bids based on accurate estimates generated from integrated takeoffs and quantities and automatically.

We will strongly train you on how to create conceptual estimates for feasibility studies, resulting in a range of detailed estimates that help to win tenders and develop sound budgets. Budgeting, resource planning, time phasing, progress and performance measurement, earned value management, cost and schedule analysis, change management, risk tracking, money allocation, forecasting, and reporting are all required processes.

We train you on how to use technology to change and improve every operation. Professionals in quantity surveying and construction costing have been struggling with manual calculations and memorizing formulas while sitting at their office desks with a calculator, pen, and bulk of drawings. Are you one of them? 

Stop using traditional methods and start using technology that will allow you to perform like a master of your job in this modern economy. Traditional methods QSs have been using are insufficient to control, validate, or standardize any of the inputs or formula calculations within each estimate; a better, more accurate estimate is required. 

Start this training led by software certified trainer with unbeatable experience as a senior quantity surveyor. This course will teach you how to use Planswift to create outstanding Bills of Quantities, time-phased budgets, and forecasts, and measure project performance and productivity using cost, hour, and quantity control elements in the simplest way possible.

Who is this course for?

To be able to succeed in this course, regardless of your industry, you must be proficient in computer use. To join this course, you must be or be related to:

  • Quantity surveyors
  • Civil engineers,
  • Construction contractors
  • Cost engineers
  • Construction managers
  • Planning Engineers
  • Construction Estimators
  • Professional Realtors

If you do not fall into one of the above categories, Nziza Global will not be responsible for your learning experience.

What will you learn
  • To generate complex quantities from PDF documents, JPG images, or AutoCAD drawing files, using customized formulas.

  • Takeoff once and generate multiple quantities.

  • Extract quantities to create a Bill of Materials in a few minutes.

  • Collaborate on the same estimation and historical databases.

  • Elimination of project risks through cost alignment between estimates and budgeted costs.

  • Using cost, hour, and quantity control elements to measure performance and productivity.

  • Planning and controlling your resources with staffing plans.

  • Measure progress using configurable, milestone-based metrics.

  • Identify potential issues using real-time forecasting and variance analysis processes.

  • Connecting Planswift software and MS excel for an automated linkage between quantities and standard item descriptions.


  • 58 Lessons
  • 04:34:31 Hours

  • Lecture 100:15:24
  • Creation of New Project
  • Opening of existing Project
  • Email Job/Project Creation of New Job
  • Print your Planswift job
  • Lecture 200:03:10
  • Zoom | Fit page | Zoom in | Zoom Out | Pan
  • Lecture 300:16:21
  • Add New Page
  • Rename and Sort Pages
  • Rotate Pages
  • Flip Pages
  • Image Tools | Scale | Dimension
  • Lecture 400:33:38
  • Area | Linear | Segment | Count | AutoCount
  • Single click | Send Data | Digitizer Record | New Section
  • Lecture 500:06:58
  • Calculations | Zip | Excel files | Others
  • Lecture 600:12:13
  • Markup color | Markups | Highlighter
  • Image | Overlay | Notes | Annotations
  • Lecture 700:05:40
  • Show | Hide | Adjustments
  • Lecture 800:10:01
  • Addition of new item
  • Rate Analysis
  • Rate Buildup
  • Descriptions checking
  • Markup Checking
  • Lecture 900:12:13
  • Creation of BoQ database
  • Creation of Material list Database
  • Creation of Labor list Database
  • Creation of Equipment's list Database
  • Created Lists/Database Management
  • Lecture 1000:08:37
  • Creation of Material calculator template
  • Creation of Labor calculator template
  • Creation of Equipment’s calculator template
  • Creation of Area take off Template
  • Creation of Concrete Taking off Template
  • Creation of Formworks taking off template
  • Creation of Reinforcements Taking off Template
  • Creation of Counts Taking Off Templates
  • Creation of Finishes taking off templates
  • Data Storage Settings
  • General Project settings
  • Company information’s setting
  • Keyboard Hot keys
  • Interface settings
  • Annotations settings
  • Graphics settings
  • Take off tool’s settings
  • Notifications settings
  • Property group settings
  • Other advanced settings
  • Lecture 1200:46:49
  • Lecture 1301:43:27


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