Solar Systems Design with PVSyst


The market for qualified solar system designers are expanding, and competition is severe. A certification in PVSyst solar system design becomes a testimonial to your knowledge, raising your profile and making you an appealing prospect to companies and clients looking for specialized skills. There has never been a more essential time to prepare yourself with the skills that matter in an era when global leaders are united in their determination to transition to clean and sustainable energy sources.

This training not only empowers professionals in the energy industry, but it also places you as an important contributor to the global cause of sustainable energy adoption. This is the right place and time to prepare yourself to be a key actor in the worldwide fight for sustainable energy by enrolling in this professional training course, "Solar Systems Design with PVSyst." Picture a scenario in which solar energy is the driving factor behind a sustainable future. This is the driving force behind our progress. Nziza Global recognizes that the transition to renewable energy is not simply a fad, but a necessity for the survival of our planet. That is why we have attentively created this course to provide you with the skills required to lead the way in harnessing the sun's limitless power.

Our voyage begins with an in-depth look at solar energy. You'll obtain a solid foundation in photovoltaics, solar radiation, and system components. More than merely knowing solar energy, you'll appreciate the significant environmental advantages it provides for the planet. This course is built on your knowledge of PVSyst, the industry's go-to software for solar system design and analysis. You will be guided by a prominent PhD holder in renewable energy to fully realize the potential of PVSyst by precisely modeling solar systems, maximizing energy output, and conducting detailed financial analyses that produce real-world effect. Theory is only as valuable as its real-world application. Our training bridges the gap between knowledge and practice. With hands-on projects and case studies, you'll gain experience in designing solar systems that meet real-world challenges. This practical exposure equips you with problem-solving skills essential for tackling complexities in solar energy projects.

As an engineer, contributing to sustainable practices is not just a responsibility but a privilege. Our training aligns with this ethos, teaching you how to design solar systems that minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency. This knowledge enables you to champion the cause of sustainability in your professional endeavors. The future of energy lies in the sun, and as an engineer, you have the chance to be a driving force in this transformation. Enroll in our training to master the art of solar system design using PVSyst. Equip yourself with the skills to design sustainable, efficient, and impactful solar systems that shape a greener tomorrow. Your journey to becoming a solar energy pioneer starts here.

Who is this course for?

To be able to succeed in this course, regardless of your industry, you must be proficient in computer use. To join this course, you must be or be related to:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Renewable energy engineers
  • Graduating students in electrical engineering
  • Graduating students in renewable energy
  • Power engineers with experience in solar projects
  • Mechanical engineers with experience in solar projects

If you do not fall into one of the above categories, Nziza Global will not be responsible for your learning experience.

What will you learn
  • Understanding PV modules, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, and balance of system components.

  • Site assessment and data collection for solar project development

  • Calculating system capacity, energy generation, and load matching

  • Running simulations in PVSyst to predict system performance.

  • Monitoring systems to track real-time energy production.

  • Integration of geographical information systems (GIS) data for optimal site selection.

  • In-depth understanding of utility-scale PV modules, inverters, trackers, and other balance of system components.

  • Detailed design principles for utility-scale projects: string design, combiner boxes, and substation connections.

  • Advanced energy production modeling, accounting for temperature coefficients, soiling, and mismatch losses.

  • Professional project reports and proposals using PVSyst outputs

  • Presenting system design, energy production estimates, and financial analysis to clients.

  • Remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and addressing downtime efficiently.


  • 10 Lessons
  • 02:58:21 Hours


About lecturer


Mohsin Atta is a professional solar engineer who holds a PhD in renewable energy (smart grid), master’s degree in renewable energy systems and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and these qualifications are backed by world class certifications provided by American leading universities in solar energy, such as the State University and University at Buffalo in New York.

With over 11 years of hands-on experience in mega renewable energy projects across UK, China, USA, and Australia, His expertise as a high degree holder in solar industry cuts across different software technologies including PVSyst, AutoCAD, Helioscope, HOMER, and Open Solar. The projects he has delivered so far ranges from 11 KW up to 60 MW of solar power systems.


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