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This is the 21st century, what you learned in college is no longer sufficient to compete in the modern economy. You must back it up with dedicated technology that allows you to easily implement engineering and design projects like a master.

Nowadays, technology encompasses almost all industries under its vast umbrella. Practitioners must now be proficient in the most recent technologies that are driving the job market. Nziza Global is an e-learning platform that trains professionals and recent college graduates how to use technology tools to adopt cutting-edge project delivery practices that are dominating the world.

On this platform, you will learn how to combine what you learned in a traditional education system with the management and study offices of experienced professionals. We discovered that many educated people are unemployed because their degrees lacked specific training in the hands-on skills demanded by today's employers.

Traditional education has been updated, but it still does not meet the needs of the job market, which is why the number of unemployed graduates is growing by the day. Our training content is created by industry-experienced professionals who have spent multiple years delivering what they train here in various companies and that is backed by extensive exposure and the mindset of training people to perform rather than just to train.

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Gain the confidence you've always desired, and astound your employers with the skills you learned through our programs. Jobs are plentiful. What is in short supply are qualified individuals with the necessary skill set to land high-paying jobs and challenging careers in the marketplace?

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We intend to train you to develop a complete set of skills required for project delivery in the AEC market. These abilities will give you the confidence to improve your own career and life on your own.

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We are Nziza Global, and our training methodology has been validated and approved by the world's biggest brands in the design and technology industry. Our courses are designed to prepare you to become a valuable member of the project team, start your journey today!

Do you want to be one of the leaders who is trained on how projects are delivered in today's modern economy? Connect your knowledge with CAD, CAM, CAE, and BIM technologies taught by our expert instructors.

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