Nziza Global is a registered American e-learning platform with the goal of upskilling and forging the next generation of technical studies experts in all architecture and engineering sectors, with a primary focus on using the world's leading CAD, CAM, CAE, and BIM technologies for professionals and recent college graduates.
We found that most professionals, especially those from poor and developing countries, are delivering poor-quality design projects due to a lack of access to the world’s latest technology courses. This is the 21st century, to win more jobs, you need mastery of technologies that help you get things done.

Our comprehensive programs and cutting-edge training patterns and facilities distinguish and differentiate our strategy. Our courses are delivered by top and competent industry experts through custom-tailored instruction, group discussions, field trips, exercises, case studies, and sample projects. Our courses have been meticulously chosen to meet industry standards and demands.

Department of Building Architecture

This program will emphasize the development of computer-aided design and Building information modeling skills, providing you with the assistance you need to succeed in today's highly competitive job market.

The Nziza Global, department of building architecture is dedicated to advancing the art and practice of architectural design by offering hands-on training to foster critical design thinking to develop strong expertise and inspire artistic vision among design professionals.

It also prepares people to design and visualize various types of structures mainly focused on buildings. You will study how to deliver projects from A to Z using dedicated and powerful design tools and our practical exercises and assignments will help you to apply your home country’s construction and building codes with social values and issues that influence architectural design under real-time support from our team of industry experts.

Department of Civil Infrastructure

Infrastructure design is divided into three basic stages, though in practice it is often more of an evolutionary process. Conceptual designs will be created in the first stage based on the emerging service plan. Once the conceptual study and initial cost estimates justify a commitment to a specific design, the second and third stages—the preliminary and detailed engineering design—follow.

You can never complete those three stages with your hands, and we all know that universities and colleges do not teach any dedicated technology tools at the level required by the current job market. This is why, at Nziza Global, we established this training department to assist professionals in the infrastructure sectors in learning technology skills that will allow them to deliver projects in accordance with the modern economy.

This training will focus on the development of computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, and Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM) skills, preparing you to succeed in today's highly competitive job market.

Department of Mechanical and utilities

This department is where you will find courses that are made of design and technical studies for projects that are related to water, gas, energy, industrial products, and air. Design skills are essential for those in the mechanical and utilities fields. With a good understanding of design principles and how to apply them, individuals can create efficient and effective products.

To be considered an expert in the mechanical and utilities fields, one must have a strong understanding of design principles and apply them accordingly. next to that, you need powerful design tools that help you design and present your development ideas to stakeholders in a persuasive way.

Mechanical engineers and designers are responsible for designing and manufacturing a wide variety of products. in the water, energy, and gas utilities industries, designers use their skills to design systems that can help optimize efficiency and reduce costs. having our high-end training in the fields of Mechanical and utilities will empower you with the latest ways of studying projects and increase your productivity in the design process with computer-aided design, and computer-aided manufacturing practices.

Department of Engineering Project Management

Having project managers in engineering fields who are not highly skilled in the project management technologies that make their job easy, quick, and error-free leads to typical market delays, poor execution, and cost overruns. That is why we have devised a solution to introduce you to the training department, which is focused on how projects are managed using dedicated technology tools in engineering sectors.

This department's courses will cover every aspect of engineering project implementation. If you work on medium or large-scale projects, you will get a complete picture of how projects are managed confidently and stress-free because that is where software technologies come in. Our training will teach you how to organize projects, control project access, organize and control resources, and effectively plan, monitor, and control any project. When it comes to effective project management technologies in the modern era, BIM workflow is at the top of the list. As a result, this department will offer BIM Courses in a variety of engineering fields, including construction and architecture.