RC Structural Engineering with Protastructure


A college degree is no longer sufficient to enter the job market with confidence, and employers are now considering your ability to deliver a project more than academic papers. Traditional curriculums are obsolete in comparison to what is now trending in the job market.

At Nziza, we are working to change that; our courses are designed to provide you with information and practical skills that will astound employers. We don't teach irrelevant theories; instead, we mix practical theories and understandings required for project delivery and show you how to bring them to life with dedicated software technology.

Structural engineering is a subfield of civil engineering concerned with the design of man-made structures. Structural engineers design the bones and muscles of structures, and they must comprehend the rigidity, stability, and strength of both building and non-building structures. 

To do so, engineers must learn powerful structural technologies that allow them to study a building's efficiency under a variety of conditions. As traditional colleges in this sector focus on theories, histories, and manual calculations, it has become critical for students and professionals to join professional training programs that are designed to connect what they have learned in college with how jobs are done in the market and Nziza makes a difference on that point.

This training course is only for civil and structural engineers who want to learn about modern design technology for Building Information Modelling in the structural engineering field. Using Protastructure, we will go deeply into the design and analysis of reinforced concrete building structures, demonstrating how structural engineering is both a scientific field and a logical form.

This course will include practical exercises and assignments that will lead to a certificate of competency. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to deliver a technical design and analysis of any type of building structure. The entire course has been explained and developed using both British (BS8110) and Eurocode standards.

As this course is certified by the Turkish Protasoftware world’s headquarters, all trainees who join and successfully finish it will be issued a Prota certificate as professional structural designers and analysts. Keep in mind that this course will be supplemented by a number of free webinars and online training events designed to keep our trainees sharp and up-to-date as technology changes in the job market.

Who is this course for?

To be able to succeed in this course, regardless of your industry, you must be proficient in computer use. To join this course, you must be or be related to:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Finalizing students in civil engineering
  • Finalizing students in structural engineering

If you do not fall into one of the above categories, Nziza Global will not be responsible for your learning experience.

What will you learn
  • General introduction that will include the software environment & setting up in Protastructure 2022

  • Creation of a simple structural model working with grids, columns, beams, slabs and footings Applicability of different load combinations and analysis

  • Importing Structural Members from 2D AutoCAD drawings and Interoperability with ProtaBIM and Revit for referencing files

  • Understanding codes, loading, and load cases

  • Carrying out analysis and design including Building Analysis, Members Interactive Design, and Pad Footings Design

  • Generation of manual and automated Detail drawings in Protadetails

  • Complex modeling and loading for the multistorey buildings including Slant Columns and Walls, Ribbed Slabs, Waffle Slabs, Modelling Piles & Pile Caps, and Application of Wind Loads

  • Complex analysis and design including Finite Element Analysis and Implementation of Multistorey Static Building Analysis

  • Exporting and documentation with comprehensive Reports in Protastructure

  • Other complex designs including Formworks, retaining wall, and Seismic Analysis and Design


  • 45 Lessons
  • 09:58:09 Hours

  • Lecture 100:02:20
  • Lecture 300:07:38
  • Lecture 600:12:21
  • Lecture 700:08:54
  • Lecture 1100:09:03
  • Lecture 1800:08:33
  • Lecture 2700:11:42
  • Lecture 2800:14:58
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  • Lecture 2900:09:25
  • Lecture 3200:09:25
  • Lecture 35A00:13:51
  • Download_Me
  • Lecture 35B00:21:44


About lecturer


Kehinde holds a master's degree in structural engineering, began his career as a civil engineer in 2011, and is currently working as a Civil & Structural Engineering Projects Advisor at the British multinational professional services company, ARUP. 

He is a Protasofwtare certified premium partner in Nigeria, proving him to be an expert on the program. This and his engineering background make him a top-notch you can rely on for structural design and analysis.

Among his world-class credentials are Project Management Professional (PMP) and BIM & Blockchain Certified Expert. ARUP Nigeria - Merit award for excellence in engineering practice awarded by ARUP in Nigeria, and Multiple Merit Awards (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) provided by Engineering Societies including NSE, NICE, and YEFON. 

He is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the Nigerian Institution of Structural Engineers, the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), and the Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers. (NICE).


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Gorki CHARITE - Wed, 25-Oct-2023

The training was well-prepared, with project-oriented demos. The technical support provided was excellent. Furthermore, Protastructure is the best all-in-one structural software.

NSENGIYUMVA Bertin - Tue, 06-Feb-2024

The lessons were concise and easy to follow, and the hands-on RC Structural Engineering with Protastructure exercises were immensely helpful.

HAKIZIMANA Patrick - Tue, 06-Feb-2024

I want to express my gratitude for the effort and dedication you put into creating this course. It has truly expanded my knowledge and skills in RC Structural design, and I feel more confident applying what I've learned in my personal and professional life. However, I did notice that in some sections, the pace of the course felt a bit rushed, particularly when covering more complex topics It would have been helpful to have more opportunities for support to reinforce my understanding of these concepts especial during final project period.

Prince Nshimirimana - Tue, 13-Feb-2024

This courses of protastructure helped to know much better on structure design and it is was not complicated to learn it

NIYONSHUTI Vedaste - Thu, 15-Feb-2024

Mahoro Costa - Mon, 11-Mar-2024

The training is well structured since it covers from beginners to experts, where it lays a deep foundation for structural Engineers to tackle their projects.


- Après avoir appris à utiliser Protastructure et l'avoir utilisé quotidiennement dans ma carrière d'ingénieur, je voudrais recommander que c'est le seul et unique logiciel d'ingénierie intéressant au monde qui facilite et accélère rapidement les livrables de tout projet de conception, d'analyse et de détail de structures. . - Le cours est bien préparé - Le contenu et les explications données par les moniteurs sont excellents et plus professionnels. <> Ingénieur Jean Pierre Bayisenge

Hagumimana Pacifique - Sun, 26-May-2024

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the software course you tutored. The explanations, practical examples are clear and engaging teaching style made the course more understandable however personal effort is needed to sharpen what leant and exploration design other construction features. I really appreciate the effort you are putting into creating a encouraging environment for all of us to learn new skills and valuable contribution in Rwandan Construction sector. I would also advise to incorporate in prota software Rwandan standards whereby local materials properties can be recognized. Among the important design features, you offered along the course I Would suggest if may add masonry design which is frequently used for different structural purpose for instance stone masonry retaining wall. The skills I acquired during this course have already made a difference in my work. From debugging techniques to software design principles, I feel more confident in my abilities. Thank you for sharing your expertise and inspiring many to continue learning. Best regards ,Eng.H Pacifique